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Can you give me a ball park figure of how much it will roughly cost to have air conditioning installed in my house?

Whilst we appreciate some customers may be looking for a quick price, there are many variable factors to be considered when quoting for Air Conditioning. We therefore prefer to arrange a convenient time to attend, discuss options and provide an obligation free quote to our clients for their consideration.

How long will the installation take?

A single split system installation will take roughly 3-5 hours to complete. For multiple systems or a ducted system, you can expect our technicians to be with you for most of the day.

Do you offer payment plans?

We understand that air conditioning can be a significant investment.  For residential installs we offer payments to be made using ZIP Money for interest free periods of up to 60 months. We also accept credit card payments.

How frequently does an air conditioning unit need to be serviced?

We highly recommend units are serviced on a yearly basis as a minimum, this will ensure any manufacturer’s warranties are kept valid and your unit is working at optimal performance.

My air conditioning unit has broken down, can you supply spare parts?

Absolutely. We have access to a wide variety of spare parts for different brands of air conditioning units, we do however prefer to have diagnosed the issue ourselves, to ensure the correct parts are being supplied.

Do you work with commercial refrigeration systems as well as air conditioning systems?

Yes, our professional technicians have a wide ranging experience with refrigeration systems.

What is a reverse cycle air conditioner?

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a system with both heating and cooling functions. There is also the options to purchase ‘cooling only’ units, however most of our clients do find the heating function to be desirable for those cooler months.

Can we enclose the outdoor units?

Outdoor condensers need to be kept clear so that sufficient air flow in and round these units is maintained and your warranty not voided. We appreciate these can be unsightly, and when on site to quote, we will ensure a suitable place for the outdoor unit will be discussed and any additional pipework/works required can be allowed for.